Computers: Tools for and Information Age 6th Ed.
    ( H. L. Capron, Prentice Hall, 2000 )
Computer Hardware: Meeting the Machine
Computer Software: Applications Software and Operating Systems
The Central Processing Unit: What Goes On inside the Computer
Input and Output: The User Connection
Storage and Multimedia: The Facts and More
Networking: Computer Connections
The Internet: A Resource for All of Us
The Internet in Business: Corporations, Small Businesses, and Entrepreneurs
Writing Your Own Web Page: Using HTML or FrontPage
Security and Privacy: Computers and the Internet
Word Processing and Desktop Publishing: Printing It
Spreadsheets and Business Graphics: Facts and Figures
Database Management Systems: Getting Data Together
Programming and Languages: Telling the Computer What to Do
Systems Analysis and Design: The Big Picture
Management Information Systems: Classic Models and New Approaches
The Cutting Edge: Expert Systems, Robotics, and Virtual Reality